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Related article: Date : Wed, December 13, 2003 19 38th 43 ​​-0800 ( PST ) From: Knipple luck u003clumpy272002 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Brian Bloom and her friends I do not really know, this star and I do not know their sexual preference s, I only wish that I was right in write this story. It is pure fantasy and only I would like to see something one day. Hope you enjoy. AND FRIENDS Brian Bloom Brian Bloom has two main interests, fast cars and hot women. For the fulfillment of its kind that needed NASCAR career and at the same time could not stop helping fantasize about your favorite driver Jeff Gordon. Brian was constantly traveling the country to observe NASCAR races, hoping and hoping to meet Jeff. Finally, n , decided to find Jeff at the end of California career and follow him, to see where it landed. Jeff went to a restaurant in town and was lost in a cabin corner, but Brian was surprised. one waiting. The two kissed, but even Brian did not know the other person. When Brian was diverted to "other persons"stand -in Jeff toilet and Brian thought that the person left without n know, he put a plan B in action. meeting Jeff. " Well, there's only one way to meet Jeff Gordon ' s thought, Brian So he went strutting on the table for imagine. " this is to go up and introduce myself Hello Jeff, " he said, holding his hand. "I am Brian Bloom, actor from the films of bandits. I continued his career and when I saw that he introduce myself. " " Um, uh," Hey, Jeff said, shaking the hand. Brian made ​​himself comfortable, sitting, shocking Jeff. " Listen," said Jeff. Nude Lolitas ". I'm a little busy right now, why do do not come back another time," Brian : ". Are not busy, you have to wait Food " at this time Jeff came to visit the toilet Brian was stunned. "Paul Walker? " He said. "What are you doing here ?" Said Paul, ah, ah, dinner with an old friend, And who the hell are you? "" Oh, sorry, I'm Bloom brain, the type of bandit Moncompetes. "" Oh yeah, you know that hairy, you're not ? "Said Paul. No Brian was happy with that remark and said, yes, I am. Well, well meetcha. " was. O at least that seems to say that he did, Jeff and Paul continues to dinner, talked and laughed for Brian to be so rude. The two young men met us become a NASCAR race a few years ago, and his " friendship". When the two left the restaurant together, a par would be handcuffed her arms as she continued, apparently unaware. Brian had been waiting, knowing that s what Jeff was and where he parked. that wives together and told them he had a gun, It is best to follow his orders. whether he had a gun was not the problem, what would happen to them. Brian took her to his car, an old police car, without n window cranks and door handles in the back, and stuffed in the back seat. " Sit enjoy, and the ride," he said. took them to a point in a barn orf the the area and took a while everyone strapped in. It s that the pipes had been installed for that situation. First was Jeff and then after sure sure, that was Paul. As soon as he will ensure that the two men to stay, Jeff kissed her lips and licked his lips. " Mmm, I've been waiting a long time to do so have," said Brian. as the man kissed his fantasy, he pulled his shirt Jeff on and began his stomach and chest, before rubbing finally a semi- erect nipple. Miro and Jeff pulled the nipple and groaned, and all Then Jeff was always hard as a rock. " Well, enough of this feeling blind," said Brian. that made ​​a pair of scissors and Jeff T short " Oh man, I do not know how long I wanted to see no shirt," said Brian. "I wanted to see beautiful breasts that s of you for a long time. " The whole time Jeff is still hard rock, and flushing. Paul, on the other side, licking his lips. Brian tells Paul, ready toClick Nude Lolitas on Next. So it was a Paul to kiss and tongue slips. It also has Paul got the shirt and her nipples, o rush to find the meat flat knots. "You can not have become flaccid," he said. " Let's get that T -shirt and see what we do, so hard and s great. " T is cut off and took Paul 's nipples, pinching and Brian began turn and pull them into the upright posture. oooh and aaah Paul all the time. Her nipples were nice and hard in no time. Brian said, well, men saw a kiss on the restaurant , yes, I'm sure you will not mind naked n in front of me. So, with your scissors, cut his Brian pants and underwear too. Soon, both men and s were as naked as the day they were born. " Beautiful," said Brain. N "Wow ! As the tails look n. They're doing is going to have fun. " Then he went in the direction of the box to the wall and removed a bag that tells Jeff and Paul, it was his "bag of tricks! " undressed and stood before them, such as naked as they were. Brianwent to his bag of tricks and took four clothespins, and in the same place at the right nipple of Pablo Jeff and the left nipple. Both boys cried with pain. Brian then put one in his other n ipples and said it was far from over. licked hairy armpits before shaving cream on Jeff 's chest. " Ready to Die chest hair to lose a great man? " Started Jeff to mourn and said it was the only thing that was really him in the garage of NASCAR, , and a lot of people admired his hairy chest. Brian said he will have to admire something else, because you will lose the hair that s, they say nowadays. started to shave, Jeff, and in no time, was the chest soft as a baby's bottom. " You're in luck, Paul," said Brian. "It is no problem! " "is not so, but you are mimicking hairy bastard ! " Said Brian, it really would not have said. He grabbed a hold of the two clothespins Paul nipples and pulled it off without having to open first. Paul called out, moaning, saying how bad it hurts, your nipples were red with nail there to begin , and now burn and hurt a lot. " curse me and call me names and make fun of me, What do you say to expect that to happen," he said. " They do over again, and you can expect more of the same. " Jeff just watched fascinated, as Paul admonished Brian of its language. " I'm not finished with you either Walker" he said. "S what is corset hairless little donkey. " It was Brian to his bag of tricks and came back Paul, with something hidden behind his back. It s left behind Paul, and began to beat him with a belt. Paul shouted at the top of their lungs during sudden abuse he received, he begged and begged Brian stop. he Brian stopped, went to the front of St. Paul, kissed her nipples still hurt and Paul n you just sucked. "Are you sorry you called me? " He asked. Paul said he was, and never happen again, and said that Brian to make sure Paul would be a few tFirst pull a lick and suck the other. He loves the nipple sensation in the mouth. Finally, it is sucking her nipples and her six -pack set to your hard cock rubbed a hand n , while before entering the mouth and go to work on it. Paul stopped and watched with fascination a what he was seeing. in a short time Jeff shot a huge load in the mouth of Brian and Brian never lost a drop. Jeff was relieved. Brian was thrilled. Brian and Paul on his way back from the learned mouth nipples are very sensitive and , but to kiss lick and suck one, tight, retired and turned the other. Ended with one and went to the other. Finally, he met Paul Hahn and swallowed the seven inches with no problem, so come to Paul very quickly. Brian left the room for a few minutes and during his absence Paul and Jeff discussed always loose. "Brian " said Jeff. "We had more fun if you to solve our. " Brian thought for a minute, and said nothing fun I hear, she said yes, and loosened the two boys. Well, she immediately took Brian and handcuffed him. When I was insured, said he thought they agreed there is nothing funny, and Paul said : "Trust us, it is business, all is joy ! " Now, Paul said he is the first, Nude Lolitas and went to work Brian to kiss and without passing through the chest with the muzzle of his s. " So good that hairy , which is about to lose all that shit ugly hair on the body, Nude Lolitas "said Paul. " no, no! " Exclaimed Brian. " I need hair. "" Pity, "said Paul. " This is going bye bye. " Jeff began spraying shaving cream around Brian chest rubbed it in, paying particular attention to the field of her nipples. Paul took a knife and began to get the most No part of Brian 's masculinity, his chest hair. in a short time, got to his feet, and Brian was crying like a baby " Ok, I go," said Jeff, as he went in the direction of Brian with tweezers. is applied to them, and her nipples for the pain to bit more unbearable, put another pin in the n subject one to inflict more pain. I was not crying now Brian, and he did that in the n in your lungs. I knew no one heard it, he collected in the barn. while the needles were in her nipples, Paul took the tape and began to whip Brian and Jeff, a second took his belt and began whipping his chest so that the pins of do the nipples to fly and more pain. Jeff continues on Brian 's chest and abdomen abuse and as Brian Paul, Jeff moved more and more, finally abusing his penis with his whip. and in tears after Brian 's face and dripped on in the chest and hairless, Jeff Paul and abuse stopped. weak Brian broke and threw it into the bed next to , where Jeff brain fills her mouth with cock and Paul filled his ass with it. have been weak, while Brian May, who was still conscious what happened, and was not happy that n fucked at both endst once, did not mind, , but it was not very happy after being hit directly. a and things, subject to Jeff Hahn, with his teeth. Jeff screamed, and struck him in the face of s. " does," said Jeff. He pulled his cock Brian and Paul out of his mouth, but by train. They went to his bag of tricks and pulled out a par nipple clamps with rubber coated tips was, , along with a string. They were put in Brian nipples, she began to scream. Jeff and Paul alternated balancing the chain before the rest started talking to to each other and keep playing with the string short of inflicting pain on small round Brian nipples. Jeff, who began playing with the chain, and no warning took the chain in his hand and gave him a powerful lift away from Brian 's chest, tore the tweezers nipple out, and what Brian crying out loud. was almost crying when Jeff said he never bits of the queue again. Brian said he wanted. So began stroking Paul Brians "woody" And yours, stroked his and Jeff were all three at once, , and whole milk fell on Brian 's chest and stomach. He sighed and said, you really feel large. "we can get some of you are friends NASCAR No we in the future," said Brian. Jeff said, well, I know Kurt Busch is gay and I think \\ \\ n Brian Vickers, and then there is Jimmy Johnson, the to me. he's not really gay, but if you for next year's race, they cum together. Paul said yes, and if you give me a chance, I bet you can a n join Justin Timberlake, Sean William Scott and Ashton Kutcher, and may be sentenced to good time. " Yes," said Brian. "An old circle jerk fashion ahh, I can not wait. " after the three went to bed and lay down to sleep.
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